It took place from 13 th and 16 th October last in Wroclaw (Poland, the first LTT (experiences and learning activities) of the 2VIP Project funded under the Erasmus + Key Action 2 Program – strategic partnerships for innovation and exchange of good practices. The project focuses on the use of virtual reality and participatory videos in order to promote active citizenship and the participation of young people.

A delegation of 25 people belonging to the 5 partner organizations of the project (5 from the Italian Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, 5 from the Romanian Asociata-ProXpert, 5 from the Polish CEBS organization, 5 from the Swedish MExpert and 5 from the English Real Time) appointment in the Polish town to share 4 days of learning that saw them engaged in various activities including:
– a round table in which the associations and participants got to know each other and discuss and deepen some good practices promoted by the associations themselves or in any case active in the countries of origin of each
– a seminar on civic participation, mainly focused on the broad sense of the words “Participation” and “Civic”
– a seminar on the use of VR videos to promote participation in the democratic life of young people
– a workshop for the creation and editing of some VR Videos for the promotion of the democratic culture of young people and their active and conscious involvement in civil life
– a 2-phase workshop on EU issues, led by Dr Paula Wiśniewska and inspired by the Conference on the Future of Europe which takes place in all EU countries
– a guided tour to some characteristic places of the host city.

The two seminars, on the topic of participation on the use of VR Videos, took place on the morning of Thursday 14 th October and were shared in live streaming on the occasion of the Erasmus Days 2021 ( events/), giving the opportunity to all those who have had the curiosity to approach these issues to follow the activities carried out.

The workshop, led by Dr. Paula Wiśniewska member of Team Europe, took place on the morning of Friday 16 th October and was registered on the global website ( it) and on the 2VIP project platform.

This experience was an opportunity to share ideas, deepen their knowledge, acquire innovative methodologies and realize that, despite our cultural differences, we are united by the same European values and that we all wish the EU could find a way to communicate. better with its citizens.

At the same time – on Thursday 14th October – 5 managers of the project partner organizations met in the second Transnational Project Meeting: a day dedicated to the coordination of project activities to take stock of what has been achieved so far, also in light of the related situation to the pandemic and to plan the next activities of the project, in particular the LTT scheduled for April 2022 in the United Kingdom.

Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile – promoter and coordinator of the project – thanks the Polish partner CEBS for the warm welcome, the precious collaboration in organizing the event as well as the CENTRUM EDUKACJI I BADAŃ SPOŁECZNYCH which hosted us in these 4 days of learning by providing the classrooms and equipment of its headquarters.

NB: All the photos show the participants without a protective face mask because currently in Poland (October 2021) it is mandatory to wear the face mask only in public places (e.g. shops, shopping malls, churches, banks, theaters, cinemas) and when using them. public transport (e.g. buses, trams, trains). The Lower Silesia region, where Wroclaw is located, is currently in the so-called green zone. According to the Polish government, further restrictions will be imposed on a regional, not national level, if deemed necessary.