Pro Xpert was founded in 2005 by people with strong experience both in project management and in the adult education field. Pro Xpert Association is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and to the Romanian Society’s synchronization with European Society.

Since its establishment, Pro Xpert Association has organized over 250 training sessions, seminars, workshops and other public interest events related to education, continuous training, European integration, decision making participation and civic issues such as human rights, European Citizenship, European Values and methodology of the election process.

Pro Xpert has strong experience in European projects focused on non-formal education both for youth and adults. We developed 4 Grundtvig Learning Partnerships, 4 Grundtvig Workshops, 3 Senior Volunteers Exchanges, 2 LdV partnerships and a Youth in Action training for youth workers. In the last three years, we’ve also developed 4 Erasmus KA 1 for youth projects (including 2 pieces of training for youth workers and 3 youth exchanges) and we are involved now in 5 KA2 partnerships for adults and 2 A2 partnerships for youth.

CEBS – Education and Social Research Centre is a not-for-profit association. Our mission is to support the development of civil society, education and to promote entrepreneurship, with particular regard to groups exposed to the risks of social, economic and interpersonal exclusion.

CEBS was born as a social sciences specialists’ initiative for youth and adults educational needs’ adequate response. The expertise of our team and our members permits the complex analysis of educational needs through an application of different research methods and to facilitate to satisfy them professionally. We promote the education of employees, unemployed people and young people in search of work. CEBS works on new didactic methods, innovative ICT solutions to apply in the educational field, and on training pathways’ development. CEBS actively promotes the voluntary activity of persons of each age and involves volunteers in association’s projects and activities intending to raise awareness of active citizenship and promote active participation in social life. It has 15 permanent members (researchers, specialists in European affairs, university professors and ICT and social media specialists), of which 10 of them permanently collaborate on an employment basis.

For the last 5 years, CEBS provides complex information about all issues connected to the European Union and its institutions, as well as communication about European policies and programs. This information takes a different form, from single consultation on a practical basis, by web ( and social media (, local media and education on social and civic competencies.

The main field of adult education is the development of civic and social competencies with special regard to European education. Through activities implemented within the Europe Direct Information Centre, it provides courses and events targeted to different groups, but mainly to adults. It organizes training in civic participation including: civic commitment of individuals in the participatory process of public consultations, democracy in Europe, EU institutions, EP elections, consultations with a specific target, active citizenship, and much more.

Since 2013, it implemented above 80 different courses singly tailored to learners needs. Moreover, it organized activities based on non-formal learning, such as city games and happenings.

Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile (FTS) is a non-profit organization established in 2002 with the aim of promoting sustainable development models through research and dissemination of knowledge. FTS is convinced that the education in environmental sensitivity must start with young people, to this end, it tries to involve young volunteers in all its dissemination and training activities (European projects and local initiatives). FTS promotes environmental sustainability and participation in civil life, interacting with many political and social personalities, public bodies and schools, involving them in its educational and scientific projects, in order to promote environmental, social and economic quality in Tuscany through education and lifelong learning, in accordance with European, national and regional regulations.

Mobilizing Expertise (MExpert – ) provides training, creates educational tools, mobilises volunteers to professionalism, implements project management, and promotes entrepreneurship.

Mexpert creates non-formal, alternative, and easy to use educational tools for youth workers, educators, volunteers, and staff. Mexpert helps people to bring their ideas into reality through project management tools and processes. Mexpert recognises the value of volunteering in several NGOs and social enterprises. We are taking volunteers to the next level to be an expert in the area they are volunteering by involving them in our strategic partnership projects. Mexpert promotes entrepreneurial values thinking “outside the box”. We help entrepreneurs to develop their business and how their business can be an added value to society through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Real Time Video Ltd was established in 1984 and has an international reputation for Participatory Video and digital media.
Real Time offers training, projects, research, consultancy and advocacy, particularly targeting hard-to-reach groups and marginalised communities building social cohesion, developing networks and opening channels of communication to enable positive change.

Real Time’s Participatory Video approach aims to:
– Open space for dialogue
– Build group cohesion and collaborative working
– Provide an environment for creativity and exploration
– Increase participants confidence and self-reliance
– Develop innovative working methods

Social Action using Participatory Visual Methods:

Real Times uses its Participatory Video approach to engage with people to build confidence and raise awareness opening pathways of communication between individuals and groups.

In the Participate project, Real Time worked with marginalized groups in 6 countries to bring the perspectives and knowledge of the poorest people to decision-makers. Video and visual materials produced by and with the participants were presented in three exhibition sites in New York leading up to the UN General Assembly, providing channels of communication into policy deliberations.

Intercultural dialogue:
Participatory Video can be used to initiate and develop a dialogue between different communities. In Beirut, Participatory Video was used to explore the significant challenges facing Syrian refugees and the diverse host communities living in close proximity in overcrowded crowded urban areas.

In Kyrgyzstan Real Time trained youth workers to use Participatory Video in conflict resolution in a countrywide youth video production initiative funded by the United Nations Peace Building Fund.
Real Time uses Participatory Video to build bridges between young people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to explore the issues that are important to them and share their findings.

Real Time has been adapting and developing its methodology to the changing situation supporting young people making and sharing videos online.

Many of the groups Real Time works with don’t have access to online resources so Real Time has also been piloting Covid safe re-engagement PV workshops and blended learning with online resources

Real Time
Targets its work with socially excluded groups
Uses digital media innovatively in social contexts
Is committed to widening knowledge of participatory approaches

Collaborate on the project:

Ali Qorbani
Has worked with youngsters since 2012. From 2014 he was volunteering with the organization IFALL in the small village Örkelljunga Skåne, Sweden.
He’s worked many years with young people from different backgrounds and nationalities in local activities, with this work still ongoing.
He joins this training to learn more about VR and how to add it as a tool in his activities.

Andreea Radu
Playwright and researcher in the theatrical field. Experience working on stage with teenagers. She has coordinated numerous theatre workshops with teenagers and young people, organized and implemented theatre learning projects in schools and volunteered with children in placement centres. She has basic knowledge in screenwriting and extensive knowledge in dramatic writing, being the author of over 10 plays staged in various theatres.

Anne Marie Carty- Real Time trustee
Anne Marie is an experienced community engagement practitioner, participatory researcher and visual ethnographer with thirty years of experience in using film and video as a tool for community participation, engagement and development, specializing in marginalized groups.
Following work in Africa and Asia, Anne Marie trained as a visual anthropologist specializing in Welsh rural communities. Anne Marie’s academic research has focused on developing safe, non-judgemental and ethical research practices to produce high-quality in-depth description and data for use in capacity building and social change.

Augustin – Gabriel Lazăr
I have extensive experience in Socio-Educational Animation and Social Assistance in Human Resources and Integration of Children in the community by carrying out various activities to help them, organization and implementation of social inclusion camps for children. I also have extensive experience in Press, Radio and Television for over 12 years as a press editor, introducer and moderator of radio shows, reporter, voiceover artist, presenter of cultural and artistic events, composer and music producer.

Beata Partyka
I graduated in Social Science with a Master in Non-Profit Organisations Management, having over 15 years of experience of work in the social field and European projects’ implementation. From 2007, the chairman of the board of the Centre for Education and Social Research. Currently the director of Europe Direct Information Centre, the biggest project implemented by CEBS. The area of my expertise includes social research, European affairs information, and the formal and non-formal education of youths and adults.

Bibiana Losapio (Beba)
Graduated in Territorial and Environmental Economics, she deals in education in sustainable development for children, young people and adults. She is the coordinator of the environmental education centre of the lower Valdarno and collaborator of the CRED, educational centre for didactics resources. She is a facilitator for the Tuscan region.

Camilla Meschi
She is a student of Anthropology at the University of Bologna. Camilla is half American and has grown up in a bi-cultural environment; she is passionate about inclusivity and multicultural exchanges. She has worked as a volunteer for cultural festivals and is an FTS volunteer. She is committed to involving young people in the Foundation’s activities and she supports the FTS team in the area of English communication.

Carla Sabatini
Graduated in Computer Science, she has more than 10 years of experience in EU project management and advising youth volunteers. Carla has worked on the 2VIP project since the design phase; she participates regularly in the tpm2 as a coordinator, she is present for the entire duration of the LTT and is available for any information or suggestions.

Chiara Fusco
Graduated in Economic Statistics, Senior Business Data Analyst, a teacher in Europroject and IT. She strongly believes in and is dedicated to, training the new generations in order for young people to become real leaders for change.

Clémence Rochette-Castel
Clémence has experience in business consultancy for people wanting to have their own business. With regard to this, she is able to lead a lot of projects from start to finish.
She has worked beside VSB with their communication. She can lead communication projects and make the plans to improve business communication such as social media, marketing campaigns and non-media plans. She also has video editing skills.
She joins the training to add skills to her communication background and to expand her knowledge. Furthermore, she wants to get better with the news techniques of video cameras.

Clive Robertson – Co-founder and Creative Director, Real Time Video
Clive co-founded Real Time in 1984 and has over 35 years of experience using video to deepen community insights and communicate them to decision-makers and the wider public using visual methods. He works predominately to bridge communications between marginalised communities and policymakers and is experienced in negotiating the key tensions between ensuring ground-level ownership of messages, and accountability to local priorities, whilst delivering appropriately targeted messages to the intended audience.

Giovanni Golfarini
He is a student in Event Planning and Theatre Management at the University of Florence. He is a youth worker experienced as a leader in KA1 youth exchanges and provides IT and VR-making video support in the preparation phase. He has experience as a volunteer in the organization of summer camps for children and collaborates with the city in the organization of important local events. Since 2019 he has been one of the youngest city councillors in his region and the local coordinator of the young activists of his political party.

Herciu Dragos
Even though I am a master graduate in Industrial Engineering, I won’t be speaking of professional achievements in this description. There was always a feeling that I needed to do more. It all started with a volunteering period, at a local organisation meant to help children from vulnerable areas (as a Socio–Educational Animator). After this, I started helping some non-profit animal rescue organisations, mostly as a foster volunteer. Photography and cinematography was always a passion of mine, even though it was mostly self-taught; ‘’always in search of that perfect, random moment to capture’’.

Imran Mahiaoui
Imran is a young accountant who just graduated in Accounting and Finance from Greenwich University in London. During his studies, he did three internships at an accountants office for a total of 8 months, where he worked under the supervision of the chartered accountant which allowed him to do different tasks. He has now been working for Mobilizing Expertise for 1 month. He is a dedicated and hard-working individual looking to satisfy his future career ambitions and help him develop the necessary skills to thrive in the professional world. He is passionate about video editing for video games clips, so it’s a big opportunity for him to join this training.

Lauren Shute

Marta Statkiewicz
Educator, workshop trainer and leader of various academic and social projects. She graduated from the University of Wrocław, where she is writing her PhD about EU actions in the field of culture. She specialises in European law and politics.
Marta applies her knowledge and experience in many projects – e.g., as a specialist in EUROPE DIRECT Oleśnica since May 2021 (before that in the Europe Direct Information Center in Wrocław). She works with school and university students, adults and elders and promotes EU actions in the Lower Silesia region. In her work, she uses participatory methods of social activation.

Monika Marciniak

Silvia Petre
Strong experience in project management in general (over 50 projects managed by now, 15 of this being Life Long Learning and Youth in Action projects) and in training – as certified adult trainer, she developed different formal and informal trainings with an overall of about 1000 participants; also basic experience in creating virtual reality movies.

James Gormley
James is currently a technical teacher at the University of Birmingham Business school. He is a highly experienced producer and editor including post production on numerous Arts Council and channel 4 TV commissions.
He has previously worked as an AV Specialist and systems advisor for many organisations including CLIC and London Video Access (LVA). He has produced worked that has been screened in the national gallery amongst others. He is a talented and energetic tutor with exceptional high standards and technical knowledge of video post production

Karolina Idasiak
I’m the student of European Higher School of Law and Administration. I am a creative person who is not afraid of work and can organize it effectively. I can work with other people sharing your ideas and insights with them. I am an open person who is not afraid of new challenges. Ambition and the desire to gain knowledge make me learn quickly, at the same time reliably and with great care when performing activities. I’m very interested in any issue connected with European Union values.

Memouna Diallo
My name is Memouna Diallo. I am currently working as a wed designer/developer at Mobilizing Expertise AB (Mexpert) in Lund.
I was born and raised in France . After a long period of study, and a career as a freelance fashion designer with which I was able to travel to many countries around the world. I decided to change my career because after a long introspection I noticed that the fashion industry did not suit me anymore.
New technology enthusiast, I went back to school at the age of 27 to study web design UI/UX and learnt programming by myself.
I am now working in Sweden for a social enterprise that empowers different minorities, and I am very happy that my website/ app is used as a gateway to help people.

Paula Wiśniewska
Doctor of Social Sciences in the discipline of Political Science and Administration. Assistant professor at the Department of European Studies at the Department of European Political Processes at the University of Wrocław. A graduate of European Studies (1st and 2nd cycle studies). In 2017-2020, the head of the research project “Relations between europarts and political groups in the European Parliament” financed by the National Science Center (Preludium grant). In the years 2016 – 2017, a scholarship holder in the research project “Polish political parties in relation to the social environment – analysis of organizational and communication strategies”. In 2019, an assistant in the project “Advancing Alternative Migration Governance” (ADMIGOV), financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program. Member of “Team Europe” operating at the European Commission in Poland.
Research interests: European parties, the political system of the European Union, the functioning of the European Parliament, Polish political parties.

Tom Zajac –Real Time Video Producer
Tom is Real Time’s video production manager, workshop leader, freelance video producer and filmmaker.
He studied TV&Video production at Bournemouth University. Tom has responsibility for all Real Time’s output, ensuring the highest quality both in terms of engagement, accessibility, production values and technical standards. He has been coordinating Real Time’s work with people living with mental illness for over 5 years.
He is experienced camera operator and has worked on Real Time projects in many countries, including filming and editing numerous videos, both documentary and drama. He runs a script-writing group in his spare time.

Tristan Renard
He’s got a three-year degree in Information and communication at French university, during these three year he learned about people’s behaviours and how to communicate with different publics, learned about the basics of how to make photos and videos with some student projects, he also learned on computer monitoring. He had to acquire from himself skills in editing software (photo/video) because he can’t at the University.
He had experiences in animation with a young audience and set up projects with the kids.
He joins this training to complete his formation and find new tools to communicate.

Vlad Popescu
Stage director, with an extensive professional experience on working and training professional actors. Moreover, he is the co-creator of „Art.Lab” theatre and personal development laboratory for teenagers for more than 3 years. He has over a dozen productions in multiple theatre companies and collaboration with various professionals in artistic fields. During the pandemic he developed a new interest in including new methods of expression and he created concepts and video-editing of a series of short movies based on local teenage poets using professional performers.