On December 16, 2022, 2VIP partner Mexpert carried out a dissemination event in Lund, Sweden. The number of participants was 54 locally. The profile of the participants was mainly composed of companies from Ideon Science Park, students from Malmö and Lund universities, teachers from the Adult Education Center who teach immigrant adults, and volunteers and youth workers from NGOs in Lund such as Tamam, Hello Youth, and Caprifolen. We welcomed our participants and gave them name tags, as well as a symbol to indicate their tables. We started the event with a name-game activity to help people get to know each other.

The main agenda of the event was divided into three parts.

One was about our organization, Mobilizing Expertise, and the non-formal education we implement through Erasmus projects. Necmettin Meletli, the founder and trainer of NFE, took the lead on activities in which he encourage all participants participated to actively be involved in the event. It was name games, icebreakers, and group dynamic activities that were used. For example, we used a digital tool called KAHOOT quiz to make our participants familiar with our company and what we do. Then, we had a group dynamic activity called marshmallow towers. The participants were instructed to build a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti that represented the idea or symbol of EUROPE and what it means to them. After building these towers, each group had to explain them to the rest of the participants.

The second part was about Erasmus Plus itself and our project presentation. Necmettin Meletli made a presentation with the help of Memouna, the project technician, who also arranged small group discussions on Erasmus Plus opportunities. Necmettin Meletli, together with Memouna, has presented the project’s aim, objectives, partners, website, and results. The presentation mainly focused on the project’s toolbox, and  participants were also motivated to learn about video production and tips for using social media platforms.

The event concluded with a small group discussion on the EU’s common problems with integration and social inclusion of young people in democratic life, and how we can contribute to solutions as companies, NGOs, and universities using the various tools proposed by the 2VIP Project, particularly in digital and innovative ways. It was also about future collaboration, where all actors could work together and plan further action based on our project topic.