The final meeting of the European 2VIP project was a success, with all the partners being satisfied with the results achieved so far. At the last TPM, held in Bucharest on February 3rd, the project partners, led by the Foundation, discussed the impact and future prospects of 2VIP. The project, which targets young people, aims to stimulate active participation in democratic life through the use of innovative technological tools such as virtual reality.

Samuele Zerbini and Carla Sabatini, representatives of Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, the leading organization of the project, expressed their satisfaction with the results obtained so far. Their presence and support have demonstrated the importance the Foundation attaches to this project and their commitment to working together with partners to achieve common goals.

Samuele Zerbini states: “We are very proud of the work we are doing together with our partners. Synergy and collaboration have been fundamental to the success of the project and I am sure that they will continue to be the key to our success in the future”.

Carla Sabatini also commented: “We are excited about the results we have achieved and we are grateful to all partners for their commitment and support. The decision to present a new project demonstrates our willingness to continue working together to achieve new goals and improve results with an evolution of 2VIP”.

With the leadership of Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile and the collaboration of the partners ProXpert, Real Time, CEBS and Mexpert, the project will continue to promote the active participation of young people in democracy through the use of innovative educational methods such as virtual reality and participatory videos.