The first meeting of Erasmus+ project 2VIPVideo & Virtual Reality for successful- youth’s Participation in democratic life was held online on Wednesday 9th July 2021. The project was approved in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 227 – Partnerhip for creativity – an extraordinary call in response to Covid-19 crisis – intended to support digital education and creative skills.

The partner organizations from 5 different countries were represented by:

The partners met virtually to kick-off the operational phase of the project. During the meeting Maresa Borsato from Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile Onlus provided the partners with an overview of the project and explained which are the objectives, the activities, administrative and financial rules.

With regard to the Covid pandemic, partners agreed to carry out the forthcoming meeting  in personal presence of the participants – providing that each one should decide to attend the meeting on-line in case the pandemic situation makes it difficult to fly away from one’s country.

An action plan for the dissemination has been discusses in order to ensure the dissemination of project activities and results starting from the selection of the most suitable channels to reach the target group of the project.

Before leaving, Carla Sabatini consultant from Nkey Consulenza Informatica – technology partner of Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, Maresa Borsato and Donatella Di Vita from Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, Beata Partyka from Cebs, Silvia Petre from Asociatia ProXpert and Clive Robertson from Real Time Video Ltd defined next steps. Follow this blog to get updates about the project.