Yesterday morning great excitement in FTS (Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile) on the 2Vip project … we are organizing our first LTT (Learning Training Teaching) project, in close collaboration with CEBS, the partner who will host all participants in Poland for the training mobility session.

With the kick-off meeting held in July we started the work; was brought forward online for problems related to travel due to the Covid pandemic, but this time we will finally see each other in attendance and we can’t wait to meet the new project partners.

Being able to see each other in person encouraged us to join the LTT provided by the program with a further meeting between managers in order to better define some aspects of the project together, share thoughts, work all together on new things to explore.

The Italian team that will leave to carry out the activities in Poland was selected taking into account all the aspects related to the project and the personal skills that would best respond to the planned activities. From FTS will start one of the two coordinators of 2VIP experts in European projects and a team of 4 youth workers each strong in different subjects: technology, participation of young people in democratic life, youth world.

This preparation phase consists of at least 5 scheduled sessions consisting of moments of brainstorming and training sessions with lectures by FTS experts who will support the project in order to build the most suitable materials for carrying out the activities in Poland. All the materials produced will be shared, reworked together with the Partners of the other countries before, during and after the mobility in order to make them available on the 2VIP website to all as open educational resources.


In this first mobility the first two didactic resources will be released:

– Best practices for involving young people in democratic life: “Let’s participate”

– How to create VR-video: “Let’s make VR-video”

The opportunity to meet will allow us to get to know each other in person and not only through digital tools and will give us the opportunity to learn how to shoot videos using Virtual Reality and discover together what are the best methods to involve young people and make them increasingly participate in democratic life. . From Italy we are preparing immersive workshops and creative activities …. stay tuned !!

We are very curious to know how our partners are preparing themselves and who we will meet. Update us !!