On the occasion of the Erasmus Days, the Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile organizes a training day with specific initiatives from the Erasmus + project “2VIP-VIdeo & Virtual reality for successful youth’s Participation in the democratic life”.

The Erasmus Days (from 14 to 16 October) coincide with the dates of the first mobility of the project (LTT1 – Learning, Teaching, Training Activities) which will take place in Poland, Wroclaw, from 13th to 16th October … the partners will open the doors to all those who have the curiosity to follow the activities scheduled on day 14th in the morning to learn or deepen their knowledge about virtual reality and participatory videos.

The “2VIP” project aims to help young people to find creative and innovative ways (VR and participatory videos) to be active citizens in their communities, in their countries and at the European level.

The date to be put on the agenda is therefore October 14th, 2021.

The theoretical lessons scheduled in the morning agenda (the agenda is available at the end of the article) will be streamed in English.

Those who want to participate can connect and access the link: https://2vip.ftsnet.it/broadcasted-events/ and communicate through the youtube channel, fb or via email – [email protected] – with the team in the mobility phase.
The “2VIP” project involves, in addition to the Sustainable Tuscany Foundation (Italy), associations and realities working in Sweden, Romania, Poland, and the United Kingdom: Mobilizing Expertise (Mexert), Pro Xpert Association, CEBS – Education and Social Research Center and Real Time Video Ltd.

VR and participatory videos can convey important messages in a very engaging way: in particular, participatory video is an interactive group process, generally facilitated by a professional, which aims to build the social influence of the participants. Group members record themselves and the world around them and communicate their stories creatively, but it involves more than making a collaborative film.

Practitioners use video and playback activities to mediate group discussion in an inclusive way, establish collaborative relationships and catalyze group action. Video production offers participants a powerful way to explore their situation and reflect on experiences together, in order to deepen their understanding of reality and create paths to follow based on the knowledge that emerges.
All information on the dedicated website https://2vip.ftsnet.it/ 

The invitation is open to everyone without age limits.

Agenda 14th October 2021

9:30 – 11:00 a.m. Presentation of Participative technique and example of participation – part 1 (CEBS)
11:15 – 12.00 a.m. Presentation of Participative technique and example of participation – part 2 (CEBS)
12:00 – 13.30 a.m. Introducing VR activities: How we can make a VR Video and delivery the “Manual 2VIP – VR Video Making” (FTS)