Working on a youth project means taking the time to involve young, local citizens in group activities that will result in improved social and technical skills. For 2VIP, Real Time has undertaken a wide range of dissemination events throughout the project. This has included sessions with youth workers, university staff and students, organisations working with young people, schools colleges, artists and other professionals. These aimed to provide participants with the skills to use Participatory video and  360 camera methodology in their work. The sessions introduced the 2 VIP project and the resources available on the website.

Dissemination events took place at the University of Reading on 31 Jan 2023 on using participatory video, in particular the storyboarding aspects of the work. This was attended by 52 participants. In Wallingford, on February 10th, the dissemination focused on interview techniques attended by 10 people wanting to use the approaches in the local community. In total Real Time trained over 84 people from 20 organisations.

Real Time also ran events where the participants were then supported in using the methodologies from 2VIp in their project work: this included work with museums, local authorities, NGO’s and cultural organisations.

Youth Manifesto Project

 Real Time ran dissemination workshops with young people and staff from Museum of Reading, Museum of English Rural Life, Activate college . The sessions used 2 VIP’s tool kit and resources to explore how to use A PV approach to promote social advocacy and encourage more young people to get involved in local cultural activities. 4 sessions took place 17,24 May and 7, 14 June 2022

In total around 16 people took part (8 staff and 8 young people ) in the training. They then worked with other young people using using participatory techniques and produced the following videos.

What do People like and dislike about museums:

As well as video interviews using PV techniques the young people used the interview content to create a manifesto with recommendations for the participating organisations that might encourage more young people to get actively involved with cultural institutions.

Youth Manifesto

360 Video Youth Worker Training

 The focus of these dissemination sessions was to integrate 360 and VR video into the work of social action organisations working with young people. The training consisted of introduction to use of the 360 camera and how to use it with groups. The second session focussed on planning activities and how the technology could be used with groups and integrated into existing projects

 Participating organisations:

New meaning, Mustard tree, starting point , New directions, Junction Dance, Open Mind, Rising Sun arts Centre, Pilgrim Hearts and Reading Refocus. Following 4 training events  events on Jan 25th Feb 21st 19th July and 23 Nov 2022 participants form the training worked with young people using 360 cameras as part of 3 projects

Turn it up Dance and Media project

Young people used 360 and 4K cameras as part of a 4 days youth art project using music dance and digital media to record music, choreograph a dance and make a dance based music video.