Va.D.Di. is an educational game in a box, the content of which is used to carry out a simulation activity on the theme of climate change.
Target: upper secondary school classes or children of equivalent age (14-18 years).

The educational kit was created in collaboration with ISPRA (formerly APAT), the CTS – Student and Youth Tourist Center, and Paola Rizzi, urban planner from the University of Sassari and international expert in simulation games.

The Va.D.Di. is basically a box, containing the materials needed to play a particular form of educational game, called game simulation.

This methodology combines the fiction of the game with elements taken from reality, so while on the one hand it sparks fun and participation, on the other hand, it promotes interest and knowledge on the proposed topic, achieving better results than a teaching modality / frontal learning only.

Although the title – “Tell it to the dinosaurs” – may make you think of paleontology, the theme is that of climate change; as well as being one of the most worrying problems of today, the death of the dinosaurs probably helped accelerate it, about 10 milion years ago, after their extinction caused by the infamous meteorite.

The Va.D.Di. kit can be used in extracurricular settings, either by children or by adults.

For example, as has already happened, Va.D.Di. can be proposed to groups of educators and/or teachers engaged in training and methodological updating courses, or to local communities, as an exercise in participation in territorial planning paths.

Of course, there is always the presence, next to the players, of coordinators, who in this case are called facilitators.