Its aim is to draw the attention and interest of residents in social dialogue and encourage them to actively participate in public consultations, especially those conducted through the municipal social consultation portal

Officials want to convince residents that participation in social dialogue is effective, increase social awareness and encourage residents of Krakow to actively participate in online consultations.

  • the “News” section – contains announcements and reports on events, presents information on the progress of the currently conducted consultations; allows you to take part in chats with representatives of the administration devoted to the issues being consulted.


  • “Multimedia” section – allows you to find recordings devoted to the consulted events. Currently, for example, it contains extensive reports on the debates held as part of the Round Housing Table.


  • “Forum” section – is an on-line consultation tool. Through it, you can express an opinion, add a comment or comment on the current public consultations.


  • section “Contact” – provides ongoing access to officials dealing with public consultations at the City of Krakow.


Examples of activities:

regular chat with the president

certified e-learning training on the rules of participation in consultations for residents

systematic participation in city events, e.g. during the annual Science Festival, and promoting the idea of ​​public consultations through contests and games.