Microgrants is a city-wide program of supporting grassroots local initiatives, under which residents of Wrocław can implement their ideas for activities in the field of animation, social activation, education or recreation, related to all fields of art and other culture-forming activities, addressed mainly to local communities. The program was created in 2014 to prepare for the celebration of the title of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. Since then, the 26th edition has been held, as a result of which almost 300 projects have been implemented.

It is especially important for us to support residents who are making their debut as leaders, coordinators, animators, educators, activists in creating their own grassroots initiatives. Adult natural persons and informal groups of natural persons with an adult representative may participate in the program. Together, we co-organize initiatives that have a cultural and social, bonding or artistic dimension, such as workshops, meetings, events, city games, etc. The maximum amount of financial support for a single project is PLN 5,000 gross. In addition to this amount, you can count on our support in matters that will be problematic for you, e.g. in administrative, legal, logistic or promotional activities.

Microgrants are focused on education and development of skills related to active influence on behalf of the local community, transfer of knowledge and improvement of competences of people making their debut in the field of project implementation and those already active. It is important for us to promote decentralization – in the spatial, institutional and organizational dimensions, and to use the functional and spatial potential of Wrocław housing estates. We try to persuade residents to implement their initiatives in the closest, local environment, outside the Stare Miasto housing estate. We actively build cooperation networks between various subjects of social life and map initiatives with common goals, including similar activities in different or the same areas of the city.

One important line of Microgrants is dedicated only to young people 13 – 21 years old in order to let them implement own projects.